Doggies Dates

I’ve mentioned I LOVE going to places with my dog, I love taking her around the area for lunch, or just to hang out. Here are a few of my favorite spots:

Alexandria, VA

King Street Blues –
This place has some really really tastey food. Its hidden off king street and is situated on the sidewalk. The staff is super friendly, gave my puppies water, and a pet. I loved my brisket!
A very very common eatery in the area but with the spacious seating out on the patio and right in old town, it becomes a great doggie date. Be sure to come with a partner. They do not serve, its a la carte style and you need to go inside for a tray. I love their French Onion soup.

Pat Troy’s
This place was so cute. The patio is actually located out back, and in a courtyard its quite and doesnt feel as dangerous as seating on the sidewalk with the cars and bikes and less distractions with pedestrians and other walking dogs. Waitress gave the dogs a water bowl and pet. The food wasn’t horrible, but not fantastic. Then again, i’m not a huge fan of pub food.

Fairfax, VA

Buffalo Wing University –
Love the wings here! And during the summer months they have plenty of outdoor seating. Wednesdays are all you can eat wings, soda, fries and boneless for $15. Not a bad deal for a nice night of wings and hanging out with your pup. Thursday has a great happy hour – never been but its a college area, what do u expect? You have to try the spicy honey mustard, teryaki, and sweet thai. YUM!

Falls Church, VA

Dogwood Tavern –
The food is pretty good, And the happy hour is very good. Outdoor seating on the sidewalk out front and in the back for dogs that dont do well with distractions. Just make sure u step inside and let them know you’re out there. They don’t check outside as often as you think!

Thai Pilin –
The food here is pretty yummy. It is located right next to dogwood. So seating is on the sidewalk – but no seating around back.

Chipotle –
Need I say more? This is just a friendly reminder that most stores have outdoor seating. This includes the one located in Falls Church in Merrifield NOT the one off rt 7.

All-over spots to visit:

Reston Town Center
Lots of street festivals to go to during the warm months and even dog-friendly wine festivals. Love coming here to hang out and walk around. There is a lot of places to have a seat and eat with your best friend dog or human. Clyde’s for Sunday brunch has to be one of my favorite things to do. Don’t forget about the annual Reston Pet Fiesta. meet lots of vendors and local shops. Think: FREEBIES!!

Fairfax Corner
Potbelly, Chipotle, and CPK are my go to spots. There are other places that are notable too are the FroYo shop, Cupcake Actually (not a huge fan, but who can mess up a cupcake?). Don’t bother with Uncle Julio’s or Coastal Flats – even with the outdoor seating pets are not allowed. If you’re dog is a fan of water (NOT my puppy) sometimes, if there aren’t too many kids around, u can take ur pup in the water show they have in front of the theater to cool off on super hot days.

Old Town Alexandria
Very very doggy friendly!! Paths, walk ways, fields, and plenty of restaurants and festivals. There are even a few shops that don’t mind my puppy’s company. If you want a long walk along the waterfront, taking in the sights of a festival or even a cruise! This is my top recommended spot to take your pup.

Georgetown, DC
Take a water taxi to the marina near Sequoia’s and stop and have a bite to eat and Nick’s Riverside Grill. They don’t mind the doggie company, and the food is great. Take in sights of DC by the waterfront. Or, walk off your lunch on the canal path down the street. Hanging out in the grassy park can never be beat. If you’re feeling adventurous fight the crowds and shop (with a helper of course). Dean and Deluca has a quaint seating area close by the key bridge with cafe style fare.

Annapolis, MD
Awesomely dog friendly, with festivals and lots of places to have a seat outdoors. Enjoy the sights of the Chesapeake Bay and watch the sail boats, million dollar yachts, and even kayakers. Better yet bring your own boat!! But if you’re like me, and buying a boat is on your “to do” list, relax on the dock and listen to the water, and enjoy the warm sun. But lest we forget the most wonderful thing about Annapolis – THE FOOD!!! Spectacular seafood, just about everywhere you turn, and many with outdoor seating. People are friendly and most allow you and your pup to browse and shop – some owners even have biscuits and water by the door. Must say, this would be the first place I’ve ever been able to try on a dress in the fitting room with my pup near by!

Bethesda, MD
Lunch, brunch, dinner or a drink. When you get here, it’s its like an endless restaurant row. Leash in hand and an empty belly are the best things to have on a warm day here. And the food selection is extensive – just about whatever your hear desires, there is someone serving it – and serving it al fresco 🙂


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