The goal of this blog is to share my adventures in my two greatest passions, being a responsible pit bull owner, and sewing purses of every shape and size.

I am a 20-something yuppy from the DC metro area. I own one gorgeous awesome brindle pit bull. I rescued her in 2008 from APBT rescue based in Culpepper, VA. She’s the love of my life and my best friend. People often say she’s the world’s most spoiled dog. My passion and love of pit bulls began back in 2005 when i met and adopted an old soul pit bull named Asia. Prior to Asia, i had fallen to the stereotypes that media hungry America had fed me. I was terrified of pit bulls, and thought the worst of them, and like most people who think that way, i had never even met one.  Asia’s loving nature, loyalty and goofiness ultimately won me over. Thus began my obsession – breeding, training, owning and advocating for anti-BSL legislation.  Which brings me to today, my amazing baby Kaida lives up to true APBT confirmation standard in temperament and aesthetics. She’s the quintessential pit bull and I love every ounce of her. After her Canine Good Citizen certification, an evaluator approached me and asked if i would be interested in enrolling Kaida in pet therapy work, because her temperament would be a perfect match. She has been a certified pet therapy dog since 2008 with her most noted event: the annual Females United for Self Esteem Development (FUSED) summer camp. She loves spending time with the kids at this day camp where she provides comfort and companionship during this summer leadership camp. She frequents FUSED events when possible and loves the time she spends with the kids. i love taking her all around the area, to walk, enjoy the weather and discover new dog-friendly hang-outs for us.

My newest addiction just happens to be sewing purses. And by newest i mean since 2009. I whet my appetite in middle school where i first learned how to sew. but has always been a distant joy. Fast forward to 2009, after a small stint of hijacking my father’s sewing machine for a few months to sew myself a purse, I got my very own that Christmas, and since have been sewing gifts for my friends and family. I also have an full blown addiction to cute fabrics, and i love spreading cuteness with everyone. Most of my fabric shopping is aimed towards Japanese import fabrics. Mainly because they’re great quality and the prints are awesomely cute and unique. I’d love to share my sewing discoveries and share the blood sweat and tears it takes to get  a bag out of my sewing machine 🙂

Thank your for stopping by to read my blog, and i hope that you enjoy reading my adventures!


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