Adding cuteness to Apple!

14 Sep

I’m going out on a limb and totally excited about introducing my first sewing pattern!!!

Pattern will be emailed to you within 24-hours of confirmed purchase. Happy Sewing!!


Sew a padded iPad or iPad2 tote using this SEWING PATTERN.

This tote secures your tablet with four fitted corner pieces. Fleece adds padding and protection. Handles make the tote convenient and comfortable to hold. Also gives unexpected bulk when open for propping up. Closures are velcro in the handles to maximize space.

Interior pouch can be customized to fit headphones, charger, even stylus. Optional instructions to sew in an attached microfiber cloth for on the go cleaning of smugdy fingers. Exterior pouch easily fits iphone, Blackberry, spare headphones, business cards, so great for on-the-go

This pattern was designed with iPad 2, but has been tested and will fit an iPad 1. Expert sewers can adapt to fit additional tablets.

Sewing Skill level: Advanced Beginner – Someone who has completed a few sewing projects, sewn from a pattern before and/or taken a basic sewing class.

Approximate Finished Dimensions: Ipad 2 case; closed – 8”x 10”x ½”. Open – 16.5”x 10”x ¼”.

• ¼ yd Focus fabric
• ¼ yd Lining fabric
• 3/4 yd Handles and corners fabric
• ¼ yd Fusible fleece
• 3.5 in Sew-in Velcro
• ¼ yd interior pocket (optional)

AND for all you others, I am offering custom Tablet Totes made to order!!


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