Summer sewing Tutes that I Love!!

28 May

Reusable snack bags – all the rage and I’m totally into it. No point in using the cheap plastic bags – you just end up throwing them away, and they rip, and they’re flimsy, and well, cheap. But after a while, all those boxes of plastic bags add up…and becomes expensive! I like Sue’s style from My Happy Crazy Life. I like this style for the simplicity and no Velcro – because who wants sand in their Velcro, gross. Another bonus: clean up for the reusable bags is just wiping them out with a damp paper towel – can’t beat that.

A few notes: The difference in height measurements is just to have a decorative border when you close the bags – so measuring these on the dot, is not all that critical. Also, when I made my bags I flip-flopped the materials; I used nylon for my lining and a cute cotton print for my outside (nylon just seemed to be the better material for food IMO). Don’t be intimidated by Step 2 – all it is is taking the folded side down towards the middle of the bag right sides together and sewing the side edges.

Super quick and easy – These bags are going to be so awesome for carrying around my puppy’s treats!!


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