Summer sewing Tutes that I Love!!

23 May

This week, I’m going to share some FREE summer sewing tutes that I absolutely love!! Summer should be enjoyed – rainy days are great for sewing so use those days to whip some of theses up and use them in the sunshine!

Today, I’m sharing Renske’s Minimalist Tote Bag which she designed for design*spionage. I am so exhausted of the standard 2 panel and strap tote! This is really refreshing – the pattern and tut are really easy to follow and requires only about half a yard of fabric. The pattern is available via PDF which is really handy, but not the instructions.

A few notes: For the pattern, I just copied the measurements to poster board and made my own re-usable pattern piece (yes, more totes to come hehe). The hardware installation is a little tricky – but can easily be substituted with stitches (dang rivets!). The size is not like an ordinary tote – it’s on the smaller side, but adjusting the size should not be a problem if you want as long as you remember to adjust the top flaps as well. The instructions don’t say to add pockets either, but I would take the time and add a few (oh, about half-way up the bag lining); otherwise you’ll be hunting in the bag every time you open it. There is no specified length for sewing the corners – I did a 3in stitch on mine and it’s got pretty good body.

Quick to sew up, and very simple, a in couple hours you’ve got an awesome and very un-ordinary tote. Niftiest thing about the tote – the bag closes … on its own! How awesome?! Lift the handles and the two flaps “close” the bag. So very charming and so chic. Perfect companion for quick summer adventures.


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