Way of DD

7 Dec

Phew, with the holidays coming up its hard to imagine i have time for not 1, but 2 reveals!! So lets not waste anytime!!

Announcement #1

I am thrilled and honored to announce the new partnership between Craftaholics and Way of Ink Tattoo. As I am always looking to diversify and provide cuteness and unique accessories, i came across this wonderful opportunity!!

Friend and tattoo artist, Duong Nguyen is an acclaimed tattoo artist with over 15 years of tattooing experience and even more drawing and being a true artist. He’s been published in several magazines and featured on a few websites. He runs and owns Way of Ink in Springfield, VA. His specialty is in Asian art, however, he is not limited to just that. His style is unique and beautiful. He is very gifted, doing most of his work freehand. Though not his typical artistic medium, his talent and skills are utilized to bring his artwork to accessories. His motto is “you think it, I ink it”. Same goes for all of his custom work ad well. He and I will be working together and collaborating on different things but custom work will always be a welcome option.

Announcement #2

This should really be a post all on its own, because these are just awesome! Introducing the DD clutch!!

With this itty bitty clutch, you will always want to be the DD. Its tiny, but able to fit cards cash, even chapstick. If you’re in a hurry to go somewhere all u need are your keys attached to this bitty clutch. I keep 4 cards, my licenses, chapstick and a few dollars in cash and especially for quick runs, or if i have the dog leash it makes life so much simpler. What I love about mine is that the velcro closure is just so simple, and i really dont need to lug around a giant purse unless i really want to. its got all the important stuff right there.


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