Martini Tote Fabrics 1

9 Nov

Here are Pictures of the Martini Tote fabrics I have in stock, always remember if you’re looking for something specific or looking for something else, Please let me know – I love fabric SHOPPING almost as mush as I love sewing!!

I really wish this blog editor would cooperate with me – please excuse the image formatting until it does

Images 3-6: Home Decor Cotton/Heavy Duty Cotton would be my #1 choice for the martini tote. They hold the shape nicely, they cinch nicely and the heavy duty fabric ensures even with some abuse, they’ll still look sharp. The funky patterns are slightly limited, but big bold prints always seem to turn out fabulous.

Images 1: Jersey Cottons are my #2 choice for tote making. This is a stretchy and plush material. The tote will be more of a hobo shape and feel. Still just as sturdy and beautiful, although it cinches and acts more slouchy. Plus, is very hard to keep clean. The samples that I cut out are really small. You can recognize the yellow fabric from a previous post. And that’s MY bag 😀

Image 2: 100% Cotton/Quilting Cotton is my 3rd choice for totes. It will give you more of a very slouchy hobo looking tote, and will behave similar to the jersey, but it will not be as plushy. And the shape will sag a little. The tote will not have the same structure as the heavy duty cotton. However, the 100% Cottons and cotton blends selections are absolutely endless!

Please stay tuned to more fabric choices for the martini and fabulous bags from c.a.!!

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