Phew! What a weekend!! (pt 1)

4 May

2 doggie festivals, a wedding and 2 projects!! Get ready for pictures people!

Mother’s Day for my mom

Thanks to for this “Pack-it-all-in” tote!! this is a such a cute tote!!! and expandable!! this thing is huge – i mean its really really roomy – i shrunk the handles and used cotton piping instead of the flexi-tube. This is an awesome beach bag! Can’t wait for mine to come!!

Floral Clutch w/ Kanzashi detail

This was for my cousin Annie to match her dress for my sister’s wedding. Another Keyka Lou Curvy clutch. The Kanzashi flower nearly killed me! but i think it came out ok – be prepared to see more!!!

Pet Fiesta 2010 Reson Town Center

Waiting outside Bebe in Reston. In the cool shade and cool bricks. The sun was hot – but the treats, water and fun were flowin!! cant believe i didnt get the pictures of the maltese in a china doll dress – from the maltese rescue from the Chinese Women Organization. it was adorable 🙂 so so many vendors and booths so much to do!! Next time, i’ll be there all day!

p.s. i went to Bow Wow Pow Wow in Adams Morgan the next day as well – that wasnt as interesting. So no pics.

part 2 is jamaica, wedding and another photoshoot pic.


One Response to “Phew! What a weekend!! (pt 1)”

  1. Anthony Lizan May 5, 2010 at 1:43 am #

    i have to disagree with you saying that the adams morgan dog festival was less interesting. I was there, therefore it was probably the most interesting place possible.

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