Cherry Blossom FAIL!!

5 Apr

Photo courtesy Tri Phan

Being a washingtonian, you really hate when the tourists come into town. One of these occasions is the National Cherry Blossom festival. Ask any native, and they’ll agree, this is a horrible time to go to the city. Yes, the cherry blossoms are beautiful, and there are lots of activities and festivities to keep you entertained, but the city is so congested!!

WITH that in mind, I, for some strange reason, thought that fireworks wouldn’t draw such a large crowd. This was probably because all my life, I had never been aware that there was a fireworks show for the cherry blossom festival. SO, I took my monkeys.

We picked a lovely space near the monument and settled down. Only to see the fireworks being launched behind a building several blocks away. We packed up the picnic and headed home.

Lesson learned: Next year, fireworks are on Main and 7th.

My girls had fun though. Don’t leave your dog home if you plan to go into the city. They are almost allowed everywhere, and even when you’re hungry. the half smoke carts are a great quick bite to eat and you dont have to tie them up anywhere.

GOAL for upcoming weeks: Cantina Marina (DC)  and Hotel Monaco (Old Town Alexandria), 2 great doggie happy hours!!


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