Numero Uno

2 Feb

The goal of this blog is to share my adventures in my two greatest passions, being a responsible pit bull owner, and sewing purses of every shape and size.

Truth be told, I’m at work and I don’t have access to any nifty pictures. So, I guess I’ll just start off with introductions and whatnot. I am a yuppy born and raised in Northern Virginia. [tangent] No, this is not the hill billy po-dunk Virginia – I’m in the suburbia surrounding DC also known as NoVa [/tangent] I have 1 pit bull named Kaida. She is the love of my life. My sewing addiction probably started in middle school when I learned my way around the sewing machine. But I’d have to say that I wasnt an addict until about a year or so ago when i hijacked my dad’s sewing machine and started whippin’ up dog collars and coats.

I’ve owned sevral pit bulls in the past. Trained, bred, and showed them. However, Kaida is my first therapy dog. She’s an absolute ANGEL…underline, bold, italicize. I couldn’t have molded a better dog. I rescued her in May of 2009 after a year long search for the perfect dog. I love doing therapy work and educating people about the REAL pit bull. The loyal and loving breed that they are. My motto : “The scariest thing about a pit bull…is the owner”. Bascially means, its all how you raise them, which applies to all dogs no matter the breed.

Next topic: Purses, wallets, and pouches oh my!! Hi, my name is Phuong and I’m an addict. Goodness, if ever there was an addiction I have one, to all things cute and fabric and purse/wallet like. I’ve begun sewing up gifts for freinds and family. While at the same time practicing my craft. I’ve purchased patterns and I’ve made my own. Sewing is so realxing and the high you get when you finish is amazing 🙂 I find my sewing times whenever I can. After work, before or after dinner, in between walking/playing with the dogs. [random thought] this is probably where my appreciation comes from with making smaller projects like said purses/pouches[/random thought] At any rate, I really have a passion for it. It’s such a joy!


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