Picnic Love

10 Nov

Isn’t this awesome? Its bargain fabric too!! Yup $3/ yd at G street Fabrics. The palm trees fabric is a terry jersey by … Juicy Couture!! And the bottom is a poly pre-quilted ‘fabric’ (whatt a time saver) it folds up and closes with a strip of velcro. It’s plush, convenient, and cute 🙂


Teeth bling?!

3 Nov

I came across this…and all I can say is… Why?

Hello Kitty Keychain

2 Nov

Fabric is a Japanese import. Textured (love it!). With a bow accent. Pattern by Keyka Lou.

Coffee Cozy

31 Oct

So I felt this needed its own post purely because of how stinking complicated it was. Completely my fault…I tried adding this and that before I made even my first one. I am super happy with the result but unbenounced to you all – there are a lot of tucks, hide this, and fix-its that are going on. The pattern and instructions were super easy from House on Hill Road. But of course I had to spice it up…I wanted a card pocket and a quilted accent to match my mug rug. Anyway, this is another “only a mother could love” creations.

Did I mention Happy Halloween!? Hope everyone has a safe one 🙂

Kaida the babysitter

28 Oct

How awesome is my puupy? My nieces and friends’ kids just love her – she makes an awesome baby sitter. They will play and play and play with her and if they need to take a nap nothing is more encouraging than having her nap with the kids (and it works!)

My mug rug

25 Oct

My last mug rug went to my auntie cuz she lovess drinking coffee so it was only fitting I gave her one. And theennn we bought a keurig machine (insert super happy excited face) and with all these toasty hot beverages I was going to start consuming – I had to make a mug rug for me! Isn’t it adorable? Its longer and slimmer than aunties’. I much prefer her size. But this my blood sweat and tears… Kind of like the “only a mother could love” syndrome. I took a stab at the whole embroidery thing again…hmm…def maybe my last time. Thanks to the creativity and cuteness of Wild Olive I just had to try it out. More on the coffee cup cozy later.

Mug Rug!!

24 Oct

Yes, I know – when I first heard of this – I thought…now why on earth would anyone want a coaster on steroids? And then…I saw it…it was a mug rug with a mug and a bagel. I still have no idea why it was just so appealing but after that I saw mugs of tea and coffee accompanied by muffins, and bagels and chocolate croissants. Then BAM – I just had to make one. And voila! How cute! Don’t knock it, its quite practical, and much cuter and greener than a paper towel in your coffee table or ur nightstand.